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Adidas Forum campaign celebrates the return of reimagined Forum sneaker through inviting Naarm’s (a.k.a. Melbourne’s) leading next gen creators. Inspired by the core pillars of identity & community, sustainability, empathy & equality, culture, and creativity behind the foundation of Adidas Forum, I have embraced the spirit of uniqueness, fearlessness and kindness of the next gen creators through a foldable zine.


‘Sutudio’ represents notion of freedom, rebelliousness and playfulness of my design identity. Organically modified Sans Serif typeface embodies both formal yet unconventional nature in my artworks, unapologetically representing fluid and adaptible resilience that I have internalised and conquered.

Type Specimen - Elevon by Dalton Maag

Typography “Elevon” by studio Dalton Maag encompasses futuristic and electronic personality through wide and linear shapes. I have created a type Specimen for Elevon into a consolidated form of print, a quarter fold brochure. This type specimen incorporates ambient and hypnotic gradient in the background with a central alignment for the content on both sides.

The Design Museum 

The series of exhibition poster for “The Electronics: From Kraftwerks to Chemical Brothers” were inspired by the vivid and fluorescent visual identity of Kraftwerk 3D and The Chemical Brothers. The distorted shape and radiating colours in the artworksintend to portray the dazing and fierce nature of rave culture. *This project was initiated for an university assignment


The reinterpreted logo for Baserange adapts the original form of ‘BASE’ in order to maintain the symmetry and balance. Each alphabet is altered slightly to emphasise the organic and versatile characteristics of the brand. The classic serif font reflects on refined shape and comfortable functionality of the clothes from Baserange.
*This project was initiated for an university assignment  

National Museum of Korea

The rebranded identity of National Museum of Korea delineates the cultural significance behind the geography of the museum, visual language of Hangeul, and lastly the sense of eternity in past, present and future of Korean history. The colours represent Taegukgi - the national flag and colour of Korea symbolising the balance between positive and negative, the purity and the peace.
*This project was initiated for an university assignment