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Suyeon Park is a Korean Australian Graphic Designer and Illustrator based in Naarm. 

As a First-Gen immigrant, I’ve been walking through a lonely yet determined quest of finding cultural and sexual identity
that truly represents who I am as a person. 

Being on an eternal quest of finding who am I is a lonely journey and often we get trapped in this sense of uncertainty.
I rely on my artworks to find a sense of peace for our exhausted and reluctant mind, also to create a secure environment
where I could belong.

I thrive to develop artwork that is cohesive with mind positivity, and supportive to those who are in resilient phase of healing. My art practice is dedicated to everyone - including myself - those who are in quest for greater understanding of their own identity.

I hope my artworks deliver these senses of peace and comfort to you as well.

We are doing well, and we are enough as who we are.